|ɪkˈspɛrom(ə)nt| (noun)

Your Cloud Lab for on-demand R&D

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Experiment as software

Programming languages are unambiguous and explicit. Describe your experiments in our visual programming language and ensure on-demand reproducibility of results, anywhere in the world.
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Robotic facilities

Take advantage of high performance automation and robotics to speed up your results with zero human error.
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Data digitalisation

Unlock the full potential of your research. Enable next-generation AI and data analytics with high quality standardized digital data.
Experoment is a centralized biology lab that allows you to perform reproducible experiments from the comfort of your desktop. Get access to state-of-the-art automation facilities on-demand, through the cloud. Obtain reliable datasets faster and cheaper.

How it works

Experiment description

Fast and efficient experiment description ensuring absence of errors through experoment’s cloud platform.
AI-powered recommendation systems provide consulting during setup.
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Experiment execution

Your experiment is uploaded and executed to our state-of-the-art automated facility.
Get on-demand access to state-of-the-art automation. You can even have real-time remote supervision over the experiments.

Download your data

Your data are organized, securely stored and ready for analysis.
We interface with specialized partners for advanced analytics and Machine Learning tools.
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Let us explain more

Anastasios Andronidis, CEO of Experoment explains ‘What is a Cloud Lab’

Our team

We are not all robots. We are currently crafting a page with information about our team members.

Stay tuned!
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